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If you intend to invest in Real Estate, Energy, Transport,
Power Generation, Construction, in selected companies,
make business acquisitions, purchase and/or sell either new or used assets,
this is the international financial, leasing and factoring transactions
provider to suit your needs.


Established and operating for over 30 years, from strategic locations,
including but not limited to United States, Canada,
United Kingdom of Great Britain, Switzerland, Liechtenstein,
Hong Kong, Singapore, Australia, New Zealand, Vanuatu, Luxembourg and Uruguay,
we have processed some of the largest and most complex cross border
transactions on all continents.


We are experienced in leasing assets for corporate, private individuals,
local authorities and central government sector clients, mainly in USA, Canada and Europe,
in countries members or not of the European Union, but we also have existing and
welcome new customers from countries in Asia, Africa,
North  America, Central America, South America and the Middle East.


Although the main range of sectors we operate in are power, telecommunications,
aircraft, rail and shipping, we also provide cross border leasing for
cars, trucks and most types of vehicles and equipment.

Assets, both new and used, are acceptable within the following categories:

Companies & individuals:
cars, trucks, other types of vehicles, construction equipment,
turnkey factories, power plants, houses, apartments, warehouses,
office buildings, stores and various other
industrial and commercial facilities.


Public sector:
streetcars, fresh water systems, gas and electricity networks, waste incineration plants, subway systems, purification plants, sewage systems, town halls, school buildings and infrastructure programs.

We arrange leasing transactions for private individuals and legal entities even if those potential clients have no revenues history or do not want to disclose their financial data.