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If you intend to invest in Real Estate, Energy, Transport,
Power Generation, Construction, in selected companies,
make business acquisitions, purchase and/or sell either new or used assets,
this is the international financial, leasing and factoring transactions
provider to suit your needs.




Our Factoring Department, specialized in factoring services, provides to
small and medium sized companies as well as to corporate customers,
tailor made products to cover their needs.

Please find below a description of several factoring principles we normally apply:

1.Your invoices are our securities. No other mortgage securities required.

2.We finance 80% of the value of the invoices you sent to your customers.

3.Our pre-payments are calculated from the gross invoice amount,
so net invoice amounts on invoices subject to the standard VAT rate of
are virtually financed in full.

4.You receive the remaining 20% on the full gross invoice amount once
your customers have paid

5.You can give better credit terms to your customers

6.Management can concentrate on managing rather than on chasing debts.

7.Liquidity develops in line with your turnover.

8.We take responsibility for up to 100% of receivables in case that
the customer becomes insolvent.

9.The factoring limit depends on your turnover development.

10.We offer credit protection for domestic and export receivables
and also give import credit covers.




11.In domestic factoring we take responsibility for 80% of receivables
in case that the customer becomes insolvent. In export business
we guarantee up to 100% of export receivables.

12.You outsource your credit control and collection activities.

13.We handle all your debt recovery activities, i.e. your debtor accounting,
credit control and collection.

14.We keep the payment terms you have agreed with your customers,
chasing and collecting receivables consistently,
both in writing and by telephone

We arrange factoring and leasing transactions for private individuals and
legal entities even if those potential clients have no revenues history
or do not want to disclose their financial data.