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If you intend to invest in Real Estate, Energy, Transport,
Power Generation, Construction, in selected companies,
make business acquisitions, purchase and/or sell either new or used assets,
this is the international financial, leasing and factoring transactions
provider to suit your needs.


Standard leasing offer for purchase of assets of a value up to 500.000 $:

Processing fee:    2%     500 $ minimum

Management fee: 2.5% 1500 $ minimum

Down payment: 5%

Interest: 9% p.a.

Contract duration: 1 to 7 years

Standard leasing offer for a purchase of assets of a value
over 500.000 $ and below 1.000.000 $:

Processing fee: 1.8%,

Management fee: 2.2%

Down payment: 5%

Interest: 8.1% p.a.

Contract duration: 1 to 40 years

For purchases of assets of a value over 1.000.000 $ special terms and conditions apply.
Please send a brief description of the transaction in order to get an indicative offer.

We do leasing transactions for private individuals and legal entities even if those potential clients have no revenues history or do not want to disclose their financial data.

Other General Charges:

New customer file processing fee: 1,850 $

Introduction to a third party financing entity: 3,400 $

Regular credit evaluation fee for each company: 650 $


Tax Advantages

Holgerfeld is a market leader in the leasing and factoring fields and we are
extremely familiar with the wide range of financial, accounting, tax and legal issues
that arise in leasing and factoring transactions.

Generally, when you purchase directly a car or another asset, the price you pay for that purchase includes a significant tax amount.

If you make the purchase of the same car or another asset through a leasing contract
(for minimum one year duration) the amount of tax saved covers the fees and interest of the leasing contract so there is also a portion of money left for your other needs.
Not to mention that you have the financing for the purchase and
you will have less pressure on your cash flow.


So even if you can afford to purchase directly a car or another asset,
you are much better going for an international leasing contract. The tax applicable in most countries on a leasing contract is much lower than the tax applicable to
the same purchase without a leasing solution.
The difference covers the fees and interest of the leasing contract and you have also
financing for a significant portion of your acquisition.

The offers are indicative only, may be different according to the specifics of each transaction and may change anytime without notice and without the need to supply a reason and/or explanation. We reserve the right to reject a transaction anytime, without notice and without the need to supply a reason and/or explanation.
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